All in One Tool Box !

Done in One Tool Box!

Updated: January 11, 2017 — 6:34 am


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  1. I’m afraid the type of people who would buy this would benefit from a
    little more tool safety standards than this tool box provides… This set
    is kind of meant for some fantasy scenario, like, “if there was only one
    tool combo kit you could take with you to a deserted island, what would it
    be?” In the *real* world, what would this be used for?

    1. +Ken Crooks So now we are talking about a tool that has not been made yet,
      but maybe will be by DeWalt or Bosch or what have you? Who made that the
      story here? I was saying this safety disaster is just that, a safety
      disaster. I wasn’t talking about some other, future tool. So again, it’s a
      disaster and should be kept out of the hands of people who are not
      woodworkers or otherwise very familiar with (proper) tools. And if you are
      a woodworker, you wouldn’t touch this thing either. So again, what are you
      guys talking about?

    2. Can you please just explain why yjis yhing is not safe?

    3. No, sorry. I can’t very well recap the experience one gains from working in
      construction in a few sentences.

    4. ???????????

  2. They should hand off the design to Festool. It would cost 10,000.00 but the
    yuppie tool junkies would buy it!

    1. LOL the Festering Stool company.

  3. what is the price and is it available in Asia Pacific region?

    1. Mangesh Dhere SGD$1100

    2. Siddhant Srivastava

      Mangesh Dhere it’s RS 72000

  4. That battery must be nuclear powered, wtf.

    1. masikwha that’s true

  5. Once you take that stuff out of the bag it will never go back in. This is

    1. Alex no it’s not I help my father with it all the time and 13 years old

    2. Jake weist did u tell ur dad ur gay yet

    3. Christopher Mosley

      dont be a hater because he has a dad

  6. Juan “Jdm_leche” Rodriguez

    Sorry, I’m not convinced!!

  7. Amazing lunch box, great for a travelling handyman.

  8. that moment that you realize at 5:56 the straps went up before his hand
    touched it

    1. Jonathan Stubbs lol good eye

    2. Jonathan Stubbs reverse playback ftw

    3. Jonathan Stubbs lolllll

    4. Jonathan Stubbs WTF!!!!!!

    5. Jonathan Stubbs i

  9. sad day in history when you can call something so ingenious a piece of crap

    1. much

  10. banda bhool hi jae kese kya use hota hai

  11. can U tell me the store so that I can buy it…..

    1. Awdhesh Gupta no

  12. ill stick with my dewalt and milwaukee tools

  13. 5:56 WOW, what sorcery is this ? Overall great tool box for when on the go.

  14. sooooo what’d the catch? why isn’t DeWalt and Makita and Bosch making one?

  15. 1:42 see that drill change direction!!! wtf

    1. Arkadius Kolodziej

      looks bit strange especially when you try to be a professional

  16. Is this thing FOR REAL? Where can I get one? And, can I get it to fit my
    RYOBI stuff? I’ve got like $400 in all that. And it’s in good shape. Old,
    but not obsolete. I just looked. Mine is the same, just 15 years older. So,
    where can I buy this box, for RYOBI 18 volt tools?

  17. company name

  18. If you need the torch and the drill at the same time, ya fucked!!

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