Woodworking Hacks Tips and Tricks! Episode 1

Considering that my shop remains in disarray (what else is new) I chose to provide a few hacks/ pointers to possibly assist you out when facing a problem. Several of these you could have seen prior to and some could be brand-new to you. I have a few more episodes in my library if you have actually seen most of these. I prepare to keep pumping them out as I see or think of them. Tranquility out!

Woodworking Hacks Tips and Tricks! Episode 1

Since my shop is in disarray (what else is new) I decided to offer a few hacks / tips to maybe help you out when facing a problem. Some of these you might have seen before and some might be new to you. I have a few more episodes in my library if you have seen most of these. I plan to keep pumping them out as I see or think of them. Peace out!


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    What kind of camera you use for the videos my friend ? 🙂

    1. just a little palm held samsung, bout 8 years old……lol


      I have a video of a little camera i got an Ebay check my channel and see what you think ok 🙂

    3. Looks better than the one I use, but it’s not about the camera.


      What is it about my friend 🙂


      That camera it’s brand-new i haven’t used it yet sir 🙂

  2. Nice tips and tricks!

    1. Have a few more, too hot to stay in the shop under the bright camera lights for long though! Thanks Mienecus!

  3. Lookin’ good Keith! Love the bottle cap tip, seems like I’m always losing the pads for the clamps. Keep ’em comin’, buddy!

    1. Another hack if you still have the pad is to put some ca glue or a dab of silicone on it…I’m all about saving $

  4. Angel On A Mission

    All GREAT tips! Now how do I get my boyfriend to leave me a clear path to the laundry room? 😉

    1. Well that may be difficult for the next few days while he disassembles his outfeed table.

  5. Great tips Keith. I was thinking about the straw and cap trick and it occurs to me that if you glued the bristles from an acid brush or glue brush onto the end of the straw it might work even better. Just an idea I had.. I haven’t tried it yet.

    1. trongod that sounds like it may work! let me know if it does!

  6. Great stuff bro just keep doin’ it man, you are doing fine

    1. Thanks Chuck!

  7. Great tips bud. Don’t worry about the camera. As long as you can film and upload it’s all good.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah I just get frustrated with the limits on that camera, it’s all good though. Thanks for watching Roy!

  8. Great tips. Like all you are doing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for watching Tim!

  9. Great tips/hacks Keith, looking forward to your next video.

    1. Looking forward to making it! Especially with my soon to be new shop layout! Might be a week or so

  10. Great tips Keith!

    1. Thanks for watching!

  11. Learned a few new things! Thank You!

    1. Glad ALL the tips haven’t been done! Thanks for watching!

  12. I learned a couple things from this video. Thanks for sharing Keith

    1. Good to know! Thanks for watching!

  13. All of thpse are new to me except the glue and shavings hole-filling trick. The straw and paint can trick is brilliant!

    A suggestion: if you’re not happy with the quality of your video camera, try a smart phone (if you have one). They usually take great video. And next time you want to upgrade your digital stil camera, you’ll most likely get one that takes great video (all of the good point and shoot digital cameras these days take HD video).

    1. Thanks Will! Hope I gained a sub! Peace out!

  14. Good video! great tips! thumbs up!

    1. Thanks for watching!

  15. good tips here dude, very useful indeed 😀 thanks man

  16. Great gob on the lighting 👍

  17. Greg Porpora Weekend Woodworker

    Good job!

    1. Thanks Greg!

  18. You sound drunk

    1. Disabled dude, traumatic brain injuries do that to a person.

  19. great hacks dude. im subbed. keep at it my friend.

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