Woodworking DIY Tips: Cutting Lumber from Logs

Woodworking Tips – George Vondriska offers pointers on the best ways to use a backyard saw mill. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.

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  1. I hope my home made mill project cuts wood that good. Not sure about chain
    on my hard wood so my project will be a band mill from go-cart parts to
    start. Hoping by posting progress videos I will get advice on mistakes
    before I get to invested.

    1. +onewyatt1 I’d love to see more videos on your saw mill and your wood gas

    2. +BC ElginTex Thanks. I am trying to get some new video stuff organized. I
      have come up with a bandsaw mill plan that will be very cheap and easy to
      build. I was looking over my old woodgas project and got inspired to
      do more with that also. It will be a slow process but the the will be
      coming soon. I have been struggling with health problems and trying to get
      disability benefits for the last few years. Working with very little
      or funds but I have lots of time. Thanks again for your interest, it
      motivates me to do something.

  2. crotch wood? lol

  3. George, thanks for the video. I live in the central Sierra foothills of
    California, and just harvested some gorgeous black walnut that the drought
    was beginning to get to. My question is: Isn’t it better to season the wood
    before milling? I painted the cuts on my logs and was going to leave them
    until the end of summer, but if that’s unnecessary, would like to get into
    making something with them.

    1. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

      +Brian McNamara It is more common to cut the wood while it is still green,
      which makes it easier to cut, and gives you better control of the drying
      process. I would suggest cutting sooner rather than waiting if you can.

    2. +WoodWorkers Guild Of America Thanks George

    3. +WoodWorkers Guild Of America The wood will dry much quicker if its cut to
      size green.

  4. Foxiepaws ACAnderson (Foxiepaws)

    Thanks so much for the video. I am going to start building a small cabin in
    Scotland in March (weather conditions permitting! ) we’ve had over a
    thousand sitka spruce come down in our woods since the storms last spring
    and in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t used the sawmill my sister got
    yet and it’s been giving me more nightmares than the cement mixer for
    obvious reasons, but you have just showed me that with some thought (my
    sister can haul them to the sawmill because I don’t want anything to do
    with the JCB thing she got….and she’s depending on me to work the cement
    mixer and the sawmill ….well now I am happy to do my bit because you
    couldn’t pay me enough to even walk close to the (do you call them JCB’s or
    Caterpillars if they’re yellow? You know the thing I mean it kinda
    excavates and it runs on tracks like a tank? It’s not a mini version either
    you can see this thing in aerial photography). So thanks so much for
    showing me that I definitely have the easiest job and the way you described
    it, even though women don’t usually take up cutting planks as a hobby, I
    can see myself getting into this in a big way!

    1. Fight your fears, respect the machine and have fun with it.

    2. Foxiepaws ACAnderson (Foxiepaws)

      +No1HillBilly that’s what I intend doing as soon as the horrible Scottish
      weather gives me a chance! (Due to go on 7th…most likely low temp via BBC
      weather is minus 11C probable high 0°C with sunny spells and sleet…which
      roughly means that the roads will be like ice rinks all night till around
      10am then you get sun/sleet in intervals which dilutes the salt/sand mix on
      the roads which then freeze hard again at night. I am well frustrated
      waiting to get started. .It’s going to be the end of March, I realise that
      I was being overly optimistic! I think living in London has made me expect
      the weather to behave like it does in the South, but Scotland always
      manages to prove me wrong, if I think it is better to go in late
      July-August then its boiling hot (comparatively) in late Aoril-May. It’s
      like whatever I think it does the opposite. ..global warming isn’t helping!
      ! We all need to be Off Grid pronto! Thanks again for your advice x

  5. Great stuff:-)

  6. I am very jealous I cannot think of any disadvantages of doing this.
    Thanks for the video

    1. Yicespeckledhens h

  7. that was awesome. my dad just bought a Alaskan saw mill and we cant wait to
    use it. it will save a fortune on lumber. a 2×4 in my area is about $4-$5
    for a 8′ board. why spend that money at a lumber store when you can buy
    2gal of saw gas and make a ton of lumber a lot cheaper and have a very wide
    verity of wood at your finger tips

  8. always fun to see videos that arent about fucking youtube drama or gaming
    or something

    1. xXTHEBOMBSQUADXx Gaming


    2. Just crotch wood.

  9. Im here because i have nothing better to do. Im never gonna use a machine
    like the one in the video. However i just find these kind of videos

    1. xXTHEBOMBSQUADXx Gaming

      hahaha glad im not the only one

    2. rosewell1983 I went and bought a chainsaw

  10. As with every carpentry nut I’ve put in lots of money on blueprints,
    homemade projects and equipment. If you might be merely starting up launch
    by using Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible.

  11. Excellent!, I wouldn’t have known about these sorts of plans before reading
    about them in Hyezmar’s site.

  12. hi george love the video can you please tell me how to dry out a wood slice
    .. I got a bit from a friend to make a table it went all bent and cracked..
    🙁 any tips please

    1. WoodWorkers Guild Of America b

    2. Seal the ends immediately. Stack in a dry environment to air dry, allow for
      good circulation. Now wait, depending on thickness and humidity, maybe a
      year or more. Patience is key. Get a moisture meter and check, when it’s
      around 15-20%, now ready to kiln dry. Easy so far, right? Final reading
      should be 6-8%, otherwise your project will all be for naught, as you found
      out. Good luck.

  13. I have found plenty of online vendors that sell elm – Why is elm so scarce
    for him?

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    1. great working

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  16. beautiful

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  18. Shame how much goes to waste with a chainsaw.

  19. “Hey everyone! Come see how much money I have!”

  20. Odd looking saw

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