What This Guy Does With Some Scrap Wood And Some Glue Is Awesomely Stimulated

Some parties will look at a stockpile of scrap timber and ensure simply that — a cluster of pieces of good-for-nothing timber that at best, will act as kindle and at the worst, will go to the junkyard. Redditor RobGlacier is not one of those people.

He witness opening. He find grace. Exactly check out what he did with a knot of standing wooden slats he had…

He sketched out a design on some fibreboard and grabbed the grove.

After cutting the design up into parts, he glued on the scrap wood.

And the project began to take shape…

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Watch his entire improve here — is not simply is it mesmerizing, it also ogles super easy-going!

In the end, this was the finished product. What a beautiful coffee table.

If you’d like to recreate Rob’s project for yourself, check out all the instructions written out here.

You can also see more of his work on his website here!

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