What This Person Did With Some Wood And A Power Drill Will Make You Feel Patriotic

Did you know that there’s a U.S. Flag Code?

It’s a long list of rules for exposing, disposing of, and respecting our country’s national token. While this guy’s projection technically runs against the its participation in the system stating, “The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, containing, carrying, or extraditing anything, ” according to a Reddit commenter, there’s no need to worry. “Courts have ruled that would be an unconstitutional violation on your privilege to freedom of speech.”

So, if you want to recreate his inspiring piece of furniture, here’s how to get started!

Wanting his flag table to be proportionate to the real thing, he sketched out some designs.

He decided on different waxes and stains to achieve the red, white, and blue-blooded hues.

He went to Home Depot to load up on wood.

He established sure to get everything slash to width there.

He tested his specs out and they worked for his opening!

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So he started discolouring! These are articles of the frame and red stripes.

Looking good.

Then it was time for the canton section.

He began putting the frame together.

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Well-placed pocket bolts prop often of the table together.

With carries in place on the bottom of the counter, he put on some hairpin legs.

Then it was time for the stars! He drew up the specific characteristics on a computer program.

A friend of his “ve managed to” magazine the stencil out…

And after a hair of silver-tongued spray paint, the stars look perfect!

Finally, he related two coats of spray polyurethane and two coats of brush-on satin-finish polyurethane.

We salute your creativity, sir!

( root Reddit)

How astounding is that? I’m somewhat jealous of this counter!

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