What He Does With A Pallet Will Totally Transform Your Living Space — Gorgeous!

Do you ever have that difficulty when you’re running late or “re going to have to” day something and there’s nary a clock in sight?

Oh, and because the universe detests me, my phone is always dead and/ or lost. I’m sure you have the same issue.

The other not-so-fun concept about it is the fact that fancy decorative clocks cost a billion dollars. Thanks to Redditor a-reddit-name, nonetheless, we can now oblige our own for a fraction of the toll! It’s too massive, so you’ll be able to see it from afar. He was able to change an old-time pallet into a modern wall clock, and if that sounds like something you’d like to try, check this out.

To start, a-reddit-name razed the pallet. He recommends using this method to shun stripping the wood.

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Next he cut off the aperture hems to make clean lines.

He extended the planks of grove through a plane invention to smooth out the exterior.

Then he formed a straight-edge jig that formed participating in the segments through a ensemble examined much easier.

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Our builder stripped down the grove and trained the segments for assembly.

He began to lay out the grove prior to gluing each timber together.

Once he had the desired layout, he glued the segments together, secured them until they dried, and sanded everything to remove any extravagance glue residue.

After the grove dried, he utilized a spade chip to drill out the holes for the hours on the clock.

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The time had come for another round of sanding.

Lastly, he appended the mitts of the clock and applied a wipe-on poly gloss.

There’s no going back in time! This awesome wall clock is ready to become the focal point of any front room.

Thanks to a-reddit-name , now I’ll never be late again( hopefully ).

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