What He Did With This Slab Of Wood Will Seriously Impress You

When most people understand a downed tree, they either think of it as a nuisance or good kindling.

But for Instructables user , he saw a crafty possibility. Check out what he made out of a slab of lumber “hes taking” from a huge tree trunk. You’re going to be seriously jealous…

When he found a lately fallen madrone tree, he took the opportunity to shave off a big piece.

To remove any imperfections, he sanded the thing down with a planer.

Arron tagged out where he missed the clock handwritings to be and even lent a temperature reckon to the smaller section.

Using a CNC router, he impressed the numbers onto the clock appearance and lent an aluminum inlay for a cool look.

Then, he bought a simple clock — he schemed on taking it apart, so he didn’t fee much attention to the overall look.

It was finally time to mount the mechanics to the back.

Using the motor piece from the clock, he situated it in a pit he drilled out of the back.

It’ll look like this.

Finally, sand the face down and stain it.

The result is a clock that beings would pay hundreds to buy!

Didn’t quite follow, or want more in-depth instructions? Check out the full Instructables seminar!

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