What can you do with a woodworking router?

UK creative directing leader Jeremy Broun exposes the magic of the unbelievable router showing that whilst the router could copy the past it could form the future with brand-new jointing approaches. Jeremy plays a guitar tribute to the late extraordinary Gary Moore. The definitive imaginative directing DVDs special offer athttp:// www.jeremybroun.co.uk/woodwork-courses/books_and_dvds.htm and NOW THE ELECTRONIC BOOK OF THE INCREDIBLE ROUTER:
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  1. I see you have the same passions I have. Music, (guitar) and fine

    I am a concrete contractor by profession and a carpenter by trade, but my
    true passion is music and woodworking. In my professional life, in the
    concrete trade, what I accomplish is accomplished many times solely by
    brute force. Concrete work is unimaginably difficult. Music and fine
    woodworking on the other hand, are both all about finesse, timing and

    I loved the video AND the guitar playing. Thanks for posting them both.

    1. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

      A good combination of interests!

  2. Always wanted one but never did ! I am now convinced I need it more than
    Would you recommend carbide tips absolutely or ordinary bits will do ?

    1. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

      I would recommend Carbide tipped cutters as they retain the edge far longer
      although not quite as sharp as HSS but you probably wouldn’t notice the
      difference for general work.

  3. Are the images from 0:46 also that old (1970ish)? It features what seems to
    be a Makita 3600 router (it was pre ‘soft on’ technology). I’m still using
    that machine, after inheriting it from my dad. Awesome beast.

  4. Great video Jeremy. I recently posted a video where I used my router
    mounted underneath my drill press to make rings. You may like it. 

    1. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

      Selandry1 – that’s some rpm between the router and the drill press! It adds
      another dimension to the router. I engage two routers in my “cogging” jig
      on The JKB Universal Router Table (project):

    2. Jhon Julio Cervantes Villanueva

      +Woodomain – Jeremy Broun de ruukpp#odi

  5. Excellent video, thanks! Just finished using the router for planing both
    sides of a 3″ thick slab of white oak..

  6. This dude is BADAZZ

    A BIG HUG.

  8. FÉ Renovação União

    Beautiful Vídeo Congratulations from here Brazil. Hugs God Bless

  9. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Please check out my unique range of woodworking E-books that integrate
    video, diagrams, images, plans and experienced methodology putting
    presentation first: http://woodomain.wix.com/mediastore Try out this free
    sample that reads like a real hardback book on a computer:

    1. *>>>It has detailed step by step instructions for those of us who are not
      skilled at home repair and it is an inspiring source of ideas for home
      improvement projects. >>>[ **https://t.co/OWWQUevm6Y** ]……..*

    2. Woodomain – Jeremy Broun . Mm

  10. If god the creator of the human body was a tool, he would be a router

  11. Great stuff! No idea why this has 1200 downvotes.

  12. Human CNC machine. :D

  13. Background music is awesome!

  14. You are a genius man ! + a good guitar player, cool music ! Thanks for

  15. What a great video. I feel inspired to learn how to route? Do you offer
    lessons? :)

    1. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

      Hi Jamie. thanks. Yes I run one- to-one hands on routing sessions tailored
      to individuals’ needs. My main tuition is either on DVD (Three Routing
      Titles) or online video at: http://woodomain.wixsite.com/mediastore

  16. Nice one

  17. Lovely music and great video.

  18. Nice tricks

  19. best video ever

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