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They Swerved An Old, Ugly Dresser Into Something You’ll Want For Your Home

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A few years back, Julie and her husband were gifted a dresser. It was a nice saw, but because it didn’t really accord any of their home’s decoration, it sadly ran unused.

When they made the decision to start looking for brand-new TV stands, the couple was baffled with the options. It wasn’t until they found a DIY tutorial that became an old-time piece of furniture into a brand-new stand that Julie knew just what to do. She enrolled the aid of her handy spouse and they got to work on their outdated dresser.

This is the old-fashioned dresser they otherwise had no use for.

First, her husband removed the drawers, sanded everything down, primed and painted, and included reinforcement committees for soon-to-be shelves.

The top drawers were also removed to build infinite for the cable box.

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New, more modern drawer pulls were added.

Adorable wicker bins would serve as catchalls for TV paraphernalium and other entertainment devices.

What a difference some paint and small blueprint items see!

It just goes to show that almost everything has a second life if you just return it an opportunity! If you’d like more DIY inspiration, check out Julie’s blog here.

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