I’ve Never Been Jealous Of Someone’s Cutting Board, But This One Is So Beautiful

For any skilled woodworker, constructing something like a cutting board is too easy. However, when you’re brand-new to the superb nature of woodworking, it simply might be the perfect home to start.

Redditor Thats_Debatable wanted to try his hand at generate a cutting board that would form circumstances easier( and style prettier) in the kitchen. Since this was his first time struggling such a motif, he opted for an end-grain gaze.

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In simply a few easy-going paces, Thats_Debatable went from has become a ended novice to a total pro. Wait until you discover the end product in all its glory.

Thats_Debatable began with two timbers — one maple and one walnut.

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Using a miter discover, he cut each card into 12 strips.

He glued the deprives to form two sift timbers and fastened them while they dried.

He then ran each card through a planer.

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Next, he cross-cut the boards into deprives and residence them with the grain surface up.

Once again, our crafter glued the deprives together and hampered them with clamps.

After the cement dehydrated, he smoothed circumstances out with a sander.

Once that was done, it was time for a neat coat of mineral oil.

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Gorgeous, right?

It nearly gazes too pretty to use…almost.

If your mouth’s still irrigating from that last illustration, you are able to want to check out the full motif by clicking here.

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