I Saw Quilt Inspired Tables Out Of Salvaged Wood I Noted All Over NYC

I’ve always been a maker of one thing or the other, a tinkerer, a developer, a dumpster diver and general scavenging( if not resourceful) packrat. When I became interested in improving acts with grove( originally tree mansions ), I was also flat broke and living in Brooklyn, New York after graduating from Pratt Institute so scavenging textiles became the name of the game.

After collecting and’ reclaiming’ age-old lumber from all over NYC and surrounding areas to build an indoor’ treehouse’ in a friends gallery, I was stuck inside for the winter and started extending the time by designing table tops, decorative bodies, etc with my leftover lumber. In a kind of glad collision, that the project works was recognized by a company that needed a number of spectacle counters for their retail stores and asked me to get to work. The only guidelines were that they had to be round, either 42 or 60 inches in diameter, sanded smooth enough that customers wouldn’t leave with splinters( fair enough ), and each design should be more or less unique from the others.

So, with my first fee,( much less a large one to form upwards of a dozen slice that would get national exposure to the public all over the two countries) and pretty much ended artistic liberty to manufacture whatever came into my honcho, I got cracking. No sweat, right? I had no idea what I would make and how each would turned off until I could look at the finished product. And because I was expending my salvaged lumber with finite amounts of each distinct card, every table top became a kind of puzzle to make the specific characteristics I had in mind with the atmospheres and emblazons of the wood I had left.

After I had finished a few designs I recognized I was starting to pull inspiration from old-fashioned quilt structures I have always loved. Although I haven’t lived there in years, I was raised in Birmingham, Alabama and still have a nostalgic little area of my mettle reserved for the South and the things that make it unique. That being said, I began to use quilt layouts more consciously in my job and many of the pictures below are the result.

Whether immediately influenced by quilt motifs or less obviously so, this is the work I made out of salvaged lumber for The Frye Boot Company and my first paycheck as my own companionship, Acquired By Woodhand. Hope you enjoy.

I have compiled A LOT of wood from all over NYC

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