I Leave A Second Life To Dead Trees By Fusing Them With Picture Frames

I experience creating art that combines humble, as well as involved, objectives, into a kind of their own — creating art that is distinctive and intricate, yet in its truest gumption, uncomplicated. As much as I hug pact in artistry, and I surely do, my Fusion Frame art fulfills the part of me that articulates “no” to pact. That it is not only okay to be avant-garde, it would be appropriate. I like to embrace alternatives to an agreed order in artistry. To even, at times, wholly discount meetings when fad a piece and experience the unbounded ability to create by refusing to be limited by axiom, artistically speaking.

Seeking out a unique frame and then spending a day in the Central Oregon forest searching for a just right slouse of tree branch to blend with the frame is pleasing in and of itself. Then, each project involves woodworking, depict, and a bit of sculpting. Dedicating the hours of era fad a frame that incorporates a man-made as well as natural element into a single piece of art that captures so much imagery, is reinforcing. Accommodating a frame with a special, sentimental object for someone is even more fruitful — it captures so much life!

The main components of my Fusion Frames are a regained tree branch or root and a wood frame. I have always revalued age-old, dead trees- more so the divisions. The more temperament the better. I am thrilled to have found a channel to use them in my job. I use many different timbers. Central Oregon Manzanita and Pine, Juniper, Aspen, Willamette Valley Filbert and California Grapevine are a few of my favorites. I have also always been drawn to frames, specially antique frames. Using frames of all types and covering well over one 150 times move the Fusion Frames that much more interesting. The solid building, weathered patinas and unique details exhibit such reputation and record. If simply they could actually speak of the fibs they have witnessed over the years. My objective is to bring together each’s posture and temperament and indicate it as one. Other factors are paints, stains, bonding& sculpting agents, and hardware. If used, leather, iron, brass, copper and glass all retain the personality of their heritage.

These studies are also may be consulted in ETSY.

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