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How to Use White Toothpaste to Remove Water Stains From Wood : Woodworking Tips

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Utilizing white tooth paste is a fantastic means to eliminate water stains from wood and various other sorts of surfaces. Use white tooth paste to remove water discolorations from wood with assistance from a Supervisor for Lighty Service providers in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Joshua Clement

Collection Description: Woodworking is a term that could inclusive both basic regular maintenance to wood things in your house along with building brand-new items out of wood to call your own. Get pointers on a range of various woodworking subjects with assistance from a Foreman for Lighty Service providers in this free video collection.

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  1. Well, I just tried this on two different pieces of furniture–I was really
    sad that it didn’t work.

  2. I just tried this with my walnut dining table and tube of Crest regular
    white paste. Carelessly left a hot cup on the table about 10 minutes ago.
    It worked beautifully!!! Maybe has to be done immediately. It does not
    show at all!!

  3. didnt work for me

  4. Don’t know about water stains, but it works for milk.

  5. This is a joke, right? At least it LOOKED like one……

  6. Well it worked for me on a precious anitque chair that someone had left a
    soaking wet towel drapped over. Thank you for your advice

  7. If it is that precious then have a professional do it instead of looking
    for short cuts and possibly ruining it.


  9. Thank you so mutch

  10. Borderline Alcoholic

    For the sake of balanced reporting, I tried brushing my teeth with a water
    stained wooden chair.

    I can confirm it was not a success.

  11. I sucessfully used the hot iron and soft cloth method, but am always glad
    to have another way to do things effectively. Thanks for posting!

  12. Place a towel over the affected area and briefly run a hot iron over it.
    This gets rid of those white areas much more quickly and without the gunky
    mess to clean up.
    Do you have a dent in a piece of wooden furniture? Place a wet towel over
    it and use a steam iron to pop that dent right out … it works every time.

  13. I’m calling bulls*@t. Just tried it and didn’t work. I mean, not at all!

    1. Country Wood Creations NY

      It does if your doing it right. Every good woodshop has irons. I’ve done it
      hundreds of times. Try again

    2. It only works if you vote for Donald Trump or if the chair is black

  14. +ehowathomechannel Love your video! I just direct messaged you to see if
    you’re interested in having your video featured on our website. I’ve left
    my email in your inbox. Look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Hi there I have an oak table with a dark stain from a vase about four
    inches in diameter. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Place a five inch diameter vase over the offending mark.

    2. Thank you ????

  16. Joshua. This worked way beyond my expectations. Our lake house had some
    hail damage to the roof and we had to replace it. We also had some water
    damage to the inside to the cedar roof. I watched your video, followed your
    directions and the water stains are gone!.
    Thanks, Mike B

  17. Apartment On Wheels

    water marks mean mold has set in, usually when there is any water marks I
    throw it out. Have a good day.

  18. Honestly, would you trust this…man who talks of ‘quite a bit of
    marks’? Shouldn’t he be marrying his sister?

  19. Flossing would prevent those water stains ..idiot.

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