He Altered His Childhood Love Of Dinosaurs Into A Stunning Approach To Art

Professional artists and amateurs alike know that delving into a new technique or medium can be a daunting duty. Whether you’re an oil painter who’s tackling charcoal-grey or a love of graphite experimenting with pigment, stepping outside of your artistic convenience zone is overwhelming, but entirely worth it.

And Joe Hollenbeck of Hollenbeck Woodworks knows a happening or two about that. Undertaking one of the most difficult the methodology of all, he started forming detailed woodcarvings using a few simple tools. The developing parts are indicative of natural skill — and he’s exclusively been at it for a year.

Using Dremel implements and the occasional chisel, Hollenbeck revolves raw material into stunning works of art. He’s been working with wood for many years, but carving is still relatively new to him.

His subject of pick? Dinosaurs. While he’s formed a whole emcee of woodcarvings inspired by various subjects, his childhood love of fossils tend to shine through.

“I primarily experiences carving dinosaur skulls and bones. Like most boys growing up, I loved ancient souls, ” he writes. “Working on these engraves lets me be a kid again while defying myself with a worthwhile skill.”

To get a better feel for his job, let’s take a look at his process. It starts with a general sketch. The initial sketch focuses mainly on values instead of details. Those come later.

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After that, he grabs those Dremel implements and digs in.

The bulk of the work on this point is centered around throwing the basic outline in succour.

After that, the mind-boggling sorcery happens. Once the dinos come to life, they’re finished with discolour and varnish.

Mimicking the natural process of excavating fossils, Hollenbeck coaxes dinosaur bones out of raw, natural materials.

Luckily for us, Joe Hollenbeck does committees. If you’d like to learn more about his job and solicit a piece of your own, be sure to check him out on Facebook!

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