He Spouted Epoxy All Over A Knife Block And Made Something Awesome For His Wife

When you first move in with person, it’s not uncommon that you each have one of some things. As you develop together, certain pieces — furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. — are adjourned for big or more updated versions. That’s exactly what happened when maker1 706 and his wife moved here together. They bought a decide of bayonets, but soon outgrew the block that once lived them. So what’s one to do with the leftover hunk of wood?

Well, this project is one option…

This was the pulley-block he had to work with.

After he videotapeed the bottom, he poured epoxy into the holes.

He mixed West System epoxy and The Rit Studio liquid dye to achieve the green hue.

When the tape seal didn’t comprise, he had to repour the mixture.

After he gave it dry overnight, it was time to divide the pulley-block from the base.

His bandsaw made a clean slash and the brick was ready to be reinvented as a vase!

He attached the wood on his lathe and started rounding the corners.

It took a while, but it eventually started to look like a vase!

Naturally, he had to hollow out the centre for the would-be flowers.

The lathe was handy for carving out interesting divots in the wood.

After the shape was finished, maker1 706 exploited a number of sandpaper grits to smooth out the wood.

Then, he smoothed it with a few strata of beeswax.

And there you have it! That’s one beautifully fascinating vase.

I’m sure his wife cherished her very first Mother’s Day gift — I know I would’ve!

This project just goes to show…you can form something old-fashioned like new again with precisely a bit of imagination( and a lathe doesn’t hurt, either ).

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