Even KOd, Ronda Rousey Is the Winner

Holly Holm may have savagely overpower her on Sunday night, but RouseyaEUR( tm) s charisma symbolizes sheaEUR( tm) ll was still large-hearted evoke for crowds.

On Sunday night, former macrocosm boxing champion Holly Holm delivered a ravaging punch to Ronda Rousey, a clean kick to the jawline that interpreted the undefeated UFC champion unconscious and defeated.

Rousey, the charismatic, tough-talking bantamweight championship boxer, was knocked down in the biggest upset in mixed martial arts history during Sundays match in Melbourne, Australia, which shattered UFCs attendance records.

In fighting, some people become breakout adepts and most dont. Even if Holm wins again, it will be very difficult for her to have Rouseys level of drawing power .

Holm celebrated for a few moments before crouching down beside her brutalised resist, one hand on the storey and the other over her mouth, gazing genuinely distressed about Rouseys condition.

Were Rousey awake, she might have spat blood in Holms face.

Shes taken the same position in the past when asked if she thought it unfair that her wage sallowed in comparison to Floyd Mayweathers. Im excessively cozy and happy, she responded with a deigning smile.

Shed expect to make as much money as Mayweather if she fought as frequently as he did, but I cant expect it to be equal hitherto, she spoke. I have to throw in more time.

Since then, she has bragged to TMZ that she makes more money than Mayweather does per second.

Neither Rousey nor UFC will disclose specifics, though UFC spokesperson Dave Sholler recently told Fortune that shes currently shaping more in UFC compensation than any other current champion. Rousey has balked at recommendations that MMA is sexist( Im the biggest draw in the boast, how is that anti-woman ?)

She likewise grew eyebrows in left-leaning political cliques last year after insisting that transgender womens soldier Fallon Fox, who had gender reassignment surgery at age 30, has only one unjustified advantage against other women soldiers. She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but its still the same bone organization a humankind has, Rousey pronounced.

In contrast to Rousey, UFCs new predominating champion has been described as sugary. Former UFC fighter Rashad Evans praised Holm on Fox after the competition and told her it couldnt have happened to a sweeter, more deserving person. She graciously recalled the congratulate: You are so sweet, thank you.

She broke down in tears several times during the interrogation, attributing the majority of members of her success to her managers and her team.

Holm, whose nickname is the evangelists daughter( her father is a preacher for the Church of Christ in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico ), spoke of feeling so happy and sanctified, and especially grateful for the unwavering supporting of her husband and family.

She carried a similar feeling in an interview with Rolling Stone that extend on Monday.

Im exceedingly sanctified to still be in the town I was born and raised in, and I have a lot of great friends and family around me. When she isnt education, she enjoys hemming, woodworking, and painting. Sometimes before course I just go meet up with some friends and have some coffee and only chew on the flab and talk about whatever.

Holm is the good girlthe Nancy Kerrigan of mixed martial arts.

Meanwhile, Rouseys churlish outburst at Holm eras before the fight, calling her antagonist a phony ass cheapshotting phony respect fake modesty bitch during the weigh-in, was reminiscent of Tonya Harding, Kerrigans rival.

Rousey, it seemed, was arising unhinged. But Holm remained poised through the end of the fight.

As the woman who pulsate Rousey, Holm now faces a bombardment of media attention and sponsorship opportunities. But its unlikely that shell take Rouseys place in a play that wishes the gritty Tonya Harding archetype to the dessert Nancy Kerrigan one.

In fighting, some people become breakout suns and most dont, Dave Meltzer, a longtime writer crossing mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, wrote in an email to The Daily Beast. Even if Holm triumphs again, it will be very difficult for her to have Rouseys level of drawing power. There is a charisma difference.

Even if she wins in a rematch against Rousey and becomes the wizard of the discord, she wont have the level of mainstream focus and attention that Rouseys campaigns had, he added.

UFC President Dana White was as bowled over by Holms victory as everybody else was, praising her campaigning knowledge in an interview with Fox. But he too praised Rousey as the mentally strongest person that Ive ever met.

We is anticipated that she will be back before too long, and expect that she will come out shaking before the rematchangrier, stronger, and anxiou to emotionally and physically dismantle anyone who gets in her way.

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