Artist Turns Old Wood Into Unique Jewelry By Using Its Natural Shape

Jeweler Britta Boeckmann doesn’t have a plan when she designs her wood-fragment and resin supplementaries. Instead, she uses the natural sort of the timber fragments to define the chassis, fusing them with coloured and sometimes glow-in-the-dark resin to obligate her jewelry. Boeckmann then smooths each segment with sandpaper and applies varnish to give it lustre.

“I use segments of timber that normally firewood and I don’t kill any trees, ” Boeckmann told Bored Panda. “All the timber I use is already dead. I collect it either from woodlands or I get wooden knacks from my fellow woodworker friends from the Wangaratta Woodworking group. They collect unique offcuts for me which they can’t its utilization and which they would otherwise burn. With my job I want to obligate people aware of Australia’s beautiful Nature treasures.”

Boeckmann moved from endeavoured to Wangaratta in Nov. 2013 there are still connected the Wangaratta woodworkers where she started working with timber and resin. In April 2014, she moved to Melbourne and went herself a small seminar. In January 2014, Boeckmann founded BoldB jewelry and began to sell her segments online.

Boeckmann’s segments are available on Etsy

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