A Lovely 12 -Sided Wooden Calendar for the Geometry Nerd in Your Life

Ric Bell has only one age-old notebook from 2012. Inside, amongst other doodles and to-do rosters, is a memo he wrote to himself: Post a calendar on a 12 -sided shape.

Bell, a designer who runs the London studio Post, doesnt remember why or how the idea resulted to him, merely that he felt moved to, somehow, create a three-dimensional desktop docket. Now he has: the DodeCal is a dodecahedron-shaped, Scandinavian-looking docket made out of sycamore grove. It costs $96( 79 ), and be coming back a limited run of 100, for the year 2017.

DodeCal expenses considerably more than a standard calendar in part because of the mental and physical proletariat that went into its invention. A regular dodecahedron has twelve equal pentagonal faces. This gives it a neat, uniform shape. But acalendar month, which follows a rectangular layout, would fit awkwardlyon a five-sided face. So Bell opted to etch his calendar on a rhombic-dodecahedron, which comprises 12 four -sided, diamond-shaped faces. It is such a involved chassis, Bell enunciates of the final, tipped arrangement.