#93 – Shop Organization Tips

I have actually been asked a couple of times for a store excursion. You see the shop enough in project videos:-RRB- yet a current demand added "because I see some ideas in the background I need to know even more concerning". Ah, that I can do!

I taped this start of December and also without delay ignored it. Ironically, I started making use of a tool to better arrange clips for modifying due to the fact that it "conceals the clips that aren't for the current task". Well, concealed, out of mind:-RRB-.

Hope there are some ideas in here you can swipe, enhance, as well as put to use. I had to get organized cuz as my father would certainly place it: I try placing 10 pounds of crap in a 5 lbs bag:-RRB-.

Addendum: I'll be including connect to things like those plastic boxes on my blog web page for this message. You could discover it here:.

#93 - Shop Organization Tips


I've been asked a few times for a shop tour. You see the shop enough in project videos 🙂 but a recent request added "because I see some ideas in the background I want to know more about". Ah, that I can do!

I recorded this beginning of December and promptly forgot about it. Ironically, I started using a tool to better organize clips for editing because it "hides the clips that aren't for the current project". Well, out of sight, out of mind 🙂

Hope there are some ideas in here you can steal, improve, and put to use. I needed to get organized cuz as my dad would put it: I try putting 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lbs bag 🙂

Addendum: I'll be adding links to things like those plastic boxes on my blog page for this post. You can find it here: http://www.halfinchshy.com/2014/02/shop-organization-ideas-that-worked-for.html
Updated: January 24, 2017 — 8:24 pm


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  1. A couple people asked for a shop tour video, but I know it’s only cuz they
    are looking in the background like we all do and wanna know what something
    is back there. That’s this video :)

    1. Do you recall what the plastic containers are called that you have your
      manuals in? That’s a great idea and I’d like to buy some myself. I’m new to
      your chanel and a new subscriber. I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on
      some Festool tools and have a lot to learn. Thank you.

    2. Hi, coincidentally, Lee Valley has a special right now on them. I got an
      email a couple days ago about the special buy. If you visit my blog
      (HalfInchShy.com) you’ll find links and information on other places to get
      them, but really the Lee Valley way will be the easiest. Two for $7ish.

    3. +Half-Inch Shy Thank you for the reply and link. I’ll definitely check out
      you blog as well. Take care.

  2. Not sure why G+ comment integration makes it that I cannot reply directly
    to Jim Killion’s comment. No, nobody has said I look like Novak Djokovic
    until you pointed it out! I took a look on Google Images and I could see
    the resemblance, but you really really don’t want to play tennis with me 🙂
    The last guy who insisted I try gave up flustered after 30 minutes of me
    launching the ball completely out of the court onto the berm by the
    freeway. I think I still owe him a couple tubes of balls.

  3. Great shop.Where did you get that small anvil

    1. +Charlie Thompson That came from Lee Valley. I got it very nearly as a prop
      for videos since I’d make Roadrunner/Coyote jokes (I’m in Arizona after
      all), but I’ve used it several times!

  4. You have a nice shop, very well organized however you must have spent a
    small fortune on all of those plastic storage containers.

    1. Hi, Tony… Some places sell them pretty expensive. I bought them at a
      Japanese market for $0.99 each. If you are in California, see if a Marukai
      market is close by.

  5. First of all, thank you for making this video, I really enjoyed seeing how
    you use space, but more importantly it taught me to look at things in a
    different way – use existing infrastructure to create storage ideas for a
    neater, more efficient space. So thank you. I have a question for you – the
    “sustainers,” or white storage containers you have, I’ve seen these on “The
    Wood Whisperer’s” channel as well. Are these common among woodworking
    enthusiasts? If so, why, and where do you get them. I can’t seem to find
    them online, strangely enough. Why do you use these as opposed to other
    storage systems? I’m just curious because they look bulky, but there must
    be some benefit such as functionality, that I’m assuming make these better
    than other systems.

    1. Hi Keith… The benefit is that they come with a Festool inside. Those are
      all the containers Festools are sold in with fitted interior so it’s nice
      to simple store in them. That they have the same footprint and interlock is
      nice, too

  6. Why have one of each tool when you can have 30!

  7. very good thjanx ehhh

  8. Woooh , That is really awesome , so Organized. wish I do the same , it
    would take me a lot of time since i am so messy :)

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  10. Just watched this all the way through then noticed the Rodrigo and
    Gabriella shirt very cool!

  11. Paul, I love this video! I found a bunch of ideas I would love to use for
    my shop space. What an efficient use of a small space. Looking forward to
    more video from you.

  12. I think I spotted a Knew Concepts saw there. Am I right?

    Nice shop tour! Many ideas new to me. Thank you!

  13. where can I find those plastic “covers you show at the end that you keep
    your manuals in?

  14. You have nice workshop buddy… Thanks for give us ideas to get everything

  15. Thanks for taking the time to make this video, I will be using the manual
    folders and scrap wood storage ideas at my place.

  16. Very good video

  17. good tips and better shorts lol keep up the education!

  18. Well done my friend. Your video was as efficient as your storage system.
    Watched it from beginning to end, thanks for sharing your ideas. All of us
    woodworkers are adapting our shops, yours is a good template to follow on
    many levels. Thanks!

  19. name of your blog?

  20. if I had to guess I would say this guy is a homosexual

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