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40 DIY Hacks for Handy People and Woodworkers

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In this video I provide you 40 DIY hacks that every handyman (as well as females) as well as woodworkers need to know. I hope you locate these hacks helpful and also please subscribe and share if you similar to this video.

Right here is a checklist of all the hacks in this video clip:

1. Produce your very own woodfiller
2. Clamping with hot adhesive
3. Clamping with CA adhesive
4. Launch warm glue fast as well as easy
5. Stay clear of adhesive eject on miter joinery
6. Secure miter joinery with tape
7. Secure miter joinery with rubber bands
8. Never stop discovering
9. Prefectly flat sanding surface
10. Sand rounded objects
11. Pierce bit screw owner
12. Toenail owner on your hammer
13. Don't hit your finger with your hammer
14. Bit holder on your drill
15. Pilot hole with a nail and also a drill
16. Drill right holes
17. Deepness measure on your drill bit
18. Pierce bit counter sinker
19. Hone pencils quick and very easy
20. Metal dowels
21. Tidy small areas
22. Avoid paint spill on your paint pail
23. Prevent paint spill under your masking tape
24. Conserve your paint brush without cleaning
25. Don't squander your paint tray
26. Anti slide adhesive up with nails
27. Anti slide adhesive up with salt.
28. Basic marking scale
29. Pencil pushstick
30. Own in screws easier
31. Make your hand aircraft slide much better
32. Quick absolutely no clearance on table saw
33. No plywood tearout on table saw
34. Cut slim strips of timber on your table saw
35. Split long boards on a table saw in tiny places
36. Register for my network
37. Improve jigsaw cuts with tape
38. Rake handle dowels
39. Milling metal on a drill press as well as with a Dremel
40. Easy and reliable press block.

If anything is unclear please allow me know in the comments and have a look at this checklist on my internet site www.dieter.me (The article/list will certainly be published this weekend).

Do you recognize som awesome hacks, tips and also tricks that you want to share? Leave a remark.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

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  1. nothing new to a skilled worker NEVER use a pencil for a push stick

    1. duck tape what a joke .just use a push stick with a hook on the bottom to
      pass over blade

    2. Well, it was not intended as a joke. Why is it to you? I have utilized duct
      tape on numerous items to strengthen them. One for instance a gentleman
      spoke with me while in the pet isle and he needed to repurchase his cat
      litter scoop again. He asked me what he could do to help and I told him
      exactly what I had been doing was to place a strip of duct tape lengthwise
      on the “offending” area. I have been using the same utensil for years and
      doubt I can even find my backup.
      As for the pencil, cut a piece of tape about the length of the pencil and
      roll it so the grain of the tape is lengthwise with the pencil. Even should
      you exert so much pressure as to break the wood the pencil will not readily
      collapse. Then again the idea is to use it sparingly on light duty tasks
      which is still not an absolute idea for safety. I agree with you yet there
      is still a safety tag on windshield shades not to use them while driving.
      So there will always be someone taking a chance and my idea just hopes to
      save a finger or two.

    3. so much to reinforce a pencil ,use the right tool.

    4. +cj lures I won’t disagree.

    5. +Larry Be, its alright, cj lures is assuming far too much regarding how
      people would be using a pencil, so its kind of understandable.

      He’s under the assumption it would be used as a replacement for a push
      stick, which is simply not the case. The primary force when using a pencil
      would almost never be significant in the lateral direction, only
      compressive in the vertical direction and for small items. He knows pencils
      have strong compressive strength, he’s just being hyper cautious and
      insulting people for not adopting a safety sally mentality.

      For example, I only use mine with a sled when doing small pieces. The sled
      is the only thing that moves laterally, the pencil is only used to keep
      pressure on the part that gets cut off so it doesn’t move during the cut.
      He’s ignored the possibility of any situation where a pencil is applicable,
      and now is forced to defend his “never” statement with incredulity.

      I suspect in his own shop, he rarely uses safety glasses, and typically
      pushes things through the table saw with his bare hands, often less than an
      inch from the blade. As I find It’s the people who advocate safety the most
      that seem to have the worst shop habits.

  2. Ive seen some of these before and the rest ive never even thought of. Very
    clever. Personally i dont like clamping with glue but thats just me. Great
    video i wish i saw this while still in highschool cause i was in carpentry
    at a tech school

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it

  3. #25 – use a plastic grocery bag.

    1. MRrwmac yep, al-foil is far too expensive to discard so trivially.

    2. I like using packing plastic or any scrap plastic, even bubble wrap. 🙂

  4. Å jag hörde att du sa plexiglas

  5. Så du är svensk 👍🔩🇸🇪🍻

  6. Using glue to hold 2 bits of wood together is not a hack, people have been
    doing it for years, this video is for idiots and people who have been
    living under a rock for the last 100 years

    1. +Fish Shack Why did you even need to view this video?

    2. Larry Be I didn’t need to,

    3. +Fish Shack But you did so you are no different that those of us you speak

    4. Larry Be are you pissed

    5. +Fish Shack No, are you?

  7. lol using a drill to sharpen a pencil is neither quicker nor easier.
    everything else is pretty good. 24 only lasts a few days tops b4 it dries
    up and u have to buy a new paintbrush. i like 31 alot.

    1. Roque Castronuova I used to wrap it and put it in the freezer, helped it
      last a bit longer.

    2. sells pencils though

  8. Half J.Diresta’s tricks.


    2. Stop barking.


    4. You’re still barking.

  9. better editing would help this video. thanks for posting

  10. very disappointed! Copied almost exactly one to one ! Schame dich Dieter!

  11. The longer I watched, the harder the facepalm was getting…

  12. Those are NOT hacks, just tips! Good ones though!

  13. Number 33 is The unsavest thing that i have ever seen!
    DON’T DO THAT !!

    1. Nils LegoTV why?

  14. Abbiamo quasi lo stesso tatuaggio

  15. I have been a woodworker for many years now. While most of these hacks were
    old news to me, I did learn a few things. Good job. Stay safe and have fun!
    Great video!

    1. Thank You Sir! Glad you found some of them helpful

  16. Glass is not a perfectly late surface.

    1. Per definition maybe not perfectly flat but I would say that float glass is
      flat enough for woodworking.

  17. Using candle wax to help screwing….if you haven’t any candle wax use the
    wax in your ears or even sweat…
    hanging a picture, use a fork to hold the nail, both works a treat. 👍🏼

    1. Marc or push the nail through a piece of paper or card.

    2. Lee Turner yep, another good idea. 👍🏼😊

  18. I’m on Patreon now. If you want to support me visit my profile here:

  19. For paint tray: Use inside out plastic shopping bag. When done all spill
    inside bag.

    1. Without holes! A bag is a great idea if you hold it up to light before use!
      The tiniest of a hole will make for issues. I have used them for other
      applications and discovered what I should have done first.

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