19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now

IKEA is known for its huge selection of simple-minded furniture alternatives. Well, that and their notoriously impossible attitudes for making supposed furniture.

But if you’re looking for something a little more high-end( hitherto can’t bring to part with half of your savings ), you shouldn’t overlook the big-box accumulate. With a few key upgrades that are quite easy to implement, you are able to return your run-of-the-mill dresser into an epic bookcase.

Have a look at how you can give your boring furniture a new life!

1. See this step stool into a cute side table or a statement slouse in your child’s bedroom.

This Little Street

2. All you have to do to upgrade this clock is hang it with an old-fashioned belt.


3. Turn an average headboard into an amazing one with some stikwood.

Sugar& Cloth

4. When you flip-flop this shelving gang on its slope, you are able to rotation it into a dining banquette.


5. Add some crown molding to simple-minded bookcases and slap on a ladder — what a difference!

The Makerista

6. Simple-minded embroideries and some decorate can improve just about any piece of furniture.

Thistlewood Farms

7. Clients will never approximate this side table was once a laundry hamper.

The Clever Bunny

8. Reinvent this table simply by replacing the legs.

Triple Max Tons

9. Make your couch look like thousands and thousands of bucks by tufting the cushions.

Honey Badger Home

10. Create some rustic allure by adding a record slice to a stool.


11. Get the girls committed with this one — all you need are some Sharpies and this chair.

Little Green Notebook

12. You can make a farm-style table with two smaller tables and some plywood.

East Coast Creative

13. If you want to start an indoor herb garden-variety, make it happen with a wine rack.


14. Make chic cat roosts exploiting shelving units.

Tatiana’s Delights

15. All it takes is a little golden needle to represent your desk-turned-media-center into a work of art!

The Everygirl

16. This jewelry tray would look perfect on any dresser.( No one will know it’s a $ 5 frame !)


17. A small bookcase becomes an adorable bar cart with some simple-minded wheels.

Sugar& Cloth

18. Alter your shower into a spa with some deck grove!

House of Hepworths

19. And the easiest for last-place — represent cork heat pads into statement bulletin board for your office.


Never settle for subpar furniture ever again.

Which project will you try first?

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