Workbench Design Idea and Plans

This video reveals a Flexible Elevation Workbench for woodworking. Plans to help you build one for yourself are available at: This is a really hefty workbench and also it considers concerning 500 pounds, but it has actually an integrated in mobile base so it is very easy to walk around.

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  1. I owned Shaffer Stairways and know a good wood creation when I see it. And
    this is one of them. Good job 

  2. Thats a cool bench very clever!!!

  3. Great video really good explanation. 

  4. Best bench concept i’ve seen to date…superb!

  5. Brilliant!

  6. Gosh. I thought that “I” was coming up with the idea of an “adjustable”
    work bench.” I was just watching other videos where people want to make
    their benches at the same height as the tailgates of their trucks. The
    question in my head was, “What about other truck tailgate heights?” “How
    could I make a bench that I can adjust the height?” Now I found your video
    on it. Very impressive. Now my next question is, “How can we make a bench
    where we can adjust the pitch in case of un-level floors?”

  7. What a great design, i ordered a set of plans Charlie. Can’t wait to start
    building it. Thanks Charlie for a awesome design.. Best Regards,Frank 

  8. I really want to buy that bench plan but unfortunately it will be hard for
    me to do the sourcing of bench accessories in Sydney, Australia.

  9. LoneSomeLetsPlays

    Anyone ever told you that you look very similair to norm abrham 

  10. Just ordered your plans, having a dicky back, some times working for a
    while at the wrong height aggravates it, this should fix that problem. Did
    you think about using a cam lever to lock the ends rather than the clamp
    system? or is that just too hard?

  11. Charles, I simply must have those plans for this workbench. How much cost
    layout was it for you ?

  12. It will save you a lot of money on woodworking project if you have the
    comprehensive woodwork plan.

  13. It doesn’t look level to I seeing things? great idea though.

  14. Some good ideas here, but I think they’d be better incorporated in a more
    traditional bench.

  15. I built this bench approx 3 years ago, It has seen much service and has
    proved its usefulness many times over. I lower the bench for planing,
    routering, chiseling jobs, etc, which makes for easier work & less strain
    on the back. I filled in the sides with plywood & constructed side
    shelving. The shelving is very useful for tool storage. I have had many
    positive comments on the practically & design of the bench. It was a fun
    project to build, it didn’t break the bank, well worth the effort.

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks so much for the nice comment!

      I am glad that you are getting good use out of your Jack Bench. Please send
      me a picture of your bench so I can add it to the photo gallery on my

      All the best!

  16. Charlie, Your bench is very clever and the one thing that sold on it is the
    ability to rise and lower the height, that is the one single thing that
    sold me on all from all the other benches I’ve seen out there. I order them
    and look forward building it.

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      +Robert Camacho HI Robert,
      Thanks for the nice comment! I mailed your bench plans about an hour ago.

  17. Constantinos Bagropoulos

    Great idea with the pipe clamps. Thanks a lot!

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      +Constantinos Bagropoulos Thanks, I am glad you like my work bench design!

  18. good idea, but way too much work for me and for my needs.

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      +Sam Armor Thanks Sam, I am glad you like my bench design!

  19. Catherine Robertson

    Charlie, First and foremost, brilliant idea dude! I have been a woodworker
    for about 35 years and have had my school of Quiet Woodworking for the last
    12 years in Cochrane Alberta. During that time I have probably built about
    35 workbenches either for myself and or ones that I have helped other
    people build in my classes. I have been preaching from the same pulpit that
    you are preaching from when you talk about having more than one height for
    your worksurface to save your back and to just flat out be comfortable when
    Woodworking. I only wish I could lay claim to your scissor jack solution!
    Elegant, simple, cheap, and wonderfully easy to use! As I said at the
    beginning, brilliant idea dude! The reason for this comment is that now
    that I’ve looked at a few of your different mobile base videos I am a
    little confused as to the establishing of the balance point. Each one that
    I have looked at has had the balance point apparently sufficiently offset
    That you end up dragging it around with two feet still on the floor. How do
    you get around this problem?

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      HI Catherine, Thanks for your nice comment and thanks for asking about the
      mobile base. You are exactly spot on with your observation about the
      balance point. In the early version of my bench design I used a regular
      automotive scissors jack for the mobile base. That type of jack worked
      quite well for picking the bench up off the floor, but the benches shown in
      the earlier videos tended to lean a bit. The most recent version uses a
      motorcycle jack which has a large flat surface on the top. It is much
      easier to balance the bench on the motorcycle jacks and the benches don’t
      tend to lean nearly as much. Here is a link to a video of the bench in use
      with a motorcycle jack. Please
      don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. Charlie

  20. i like your videos. very informative!

    1. Jack Bench Woodworking

      Gabriela Gardner Thanks Gabriela!

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