Homemade Lathe (router) copier/duplicator – Part 1- woodworking (plans)

Ways to construct a homemade turret, router duplicator, the simple way! Plans for homemade lathe!

Plans For Lathe –
facebook –
Site –


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  1. I can’t help but think of my fantasy project when I see this: A thickness
    sander. Creating something with a spinning platen with velcro sandpaper
    seems easy enough, but a feed mechanism I just can’t seem to figure out
    (old treadmill belt and a hand crank? *shrug*) 

  2. Lol.. you need to stick around well get that.. 

  3. Yeah, I kinda figured. I’m going to start noodling on this side in the
    meantime. I’ll probably use the patented Izzy drill-drive powering system

  4. IZZY !!!!!!!!!!!! 

  5. This is awesome. Maybe I missed it, but how did you line up the tail stock
    to ensure it’s even? Thanks so much. I really enjoy your videos.

  6. Great video – your very talented! Thanks for sharing.

  7. +izzy swan Is there a part two?

    1. Go to his channel, click on videos, go down about 2 pages worth, you’ll
      most likely find where it says Watched, the next video will be beside that.
      I’d add a link but not sure if it will do any good. watch?v=sblSeFSbNJY
      (hope that works, will double check after I post this.

    2. +HostileHST wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=sblSeFSbNJY Replace DOT with . for
      part two.

    3. I found it. +HostileHST with the *new* Google+ comments integration on
      YouTube, you can just paste in the link.

    4. +Daniel Brinneman Cool, I’ll remember that, thank you.

  8. Don Mekendes Bojović

    hi mate do you have plan like dimensions and parts for this one homebuild
    masine or others that you build , greedz from Europe ?

  9. All that for tutorial purposes wow

  10. is there any plans for this?

  11. Muy bueno desde Venezuela

  12. شعب كثير الكلام وغبي

  13. Blöde Plärrmucke im Hintergrund und dann noch in Schleife.

  14. So fart apart i do that too. Nice video.

  15. What’s the size of the screws you used..?

  16. thx izzy! i been subb’d for a while now and love your approach to making
    videos haha (the thing that goes around really fast, lol) inihoo… gonna
    grab these plans today. thx for posting the plans! they’re pretty expensive
    but at least you know once i buy ’em you’ll be able to pay the rent on time
    this month! haha! I’m kidding folks, $3.95 for these plans is a steal of a
    deal, especially when he has taken the time to show us exactly how he did
    the build. Mine will probably not be exact as I have a tendency to modify
    things. Thx again Izzy! Any plans yet for that awesome bowl-turning jig you
    have hanging on your wall? would certainly pay for that too!

  17. Alexander Hutchison

    What’s the cool music in the background? It makes me feel good. I also LOVE
    these vids and shall start doing some of this really soon.

  18. Izzy, your a genius, thanks from the UK

  19. WoodworkingPlansandproject. net

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