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In this video I present a platform bed design that I made hundreds of times when I was simply beginning woodworking. I intended to share this build because this style established me on the training course to be a professional woodworker.


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  1. Super looking project – thanks Allan!

  2. great project…and pretty cool story by the way

  3. Great video Al.
    I’m going to build a small bed for one of our rooms and this will help.
    Thanks a bunch.

  4. Very elegant designs and a pleasure to view. I like the little touches such
    as the logo. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Very nice.

  6. This looks to be an awesome project Allan! I look forward to the series. I
    hope it has your usual touch on the details.


    1. I am afraid to say how many videos will be in the bed, drawer and case
      series. I don’t want to scare people. Details a plenty. Thanks Don.

    2. I went cover to cover on your building plywood boxes series several times.
      For an amateur like me, it’s like panning for gold!

    3. S’ok, think I’ll be following this one!

  7. Woodworking with Andy

    There was a dresser that you panned across during one of the shots. It had
    light drawer fronts and dark banding. Looked amazing. Can you do a one
    video series on just showing that off? I will be building one in the next
    year and may want to copy. 

    1. That case is black walnut, drawer pulls and base are wenge, and all 14
      drawer fronts were resawn from a single board of curly maple. Frame and
      panel back from solid wood. I made that in 1992.

  8. Jonathan Moncton

    The more the better Allan. I stopped watching How to Build *__* in 5
    Minutes videos when I found your channel. Keep them coming.

  9. Great looking bed! I’m headed to the hardwood supplier this week to pick up
    some wood to start this. (I was thinking White Oak) Do you have a rough
    idea of how many board feet you used?

    1. I bought 200bf for the bed,chest and big drawer, but used less than half
      that. I think the bed/headboard excluding the poplar slats is 40-50bf.

  10. Looks very interesting. I’ll enjoy watching the series.

  11. I would like to use the lightest, sturdiest wood possible since our beds
    will be for out of country students who leave every summer, then come back.
    The bed must leave too, and be stotred for 3 moths. Any suggestions? THANKS

    1. What wood options do you have to select from?

  12. Hey Allen! Do you have plans available for this? Would be happy to pay for
    them. Thanks!

    1. +Bo Hill The plans are in the works and will available soon. Allan

    2. MattyBoJangles c

  13. is the entire thing 4/4?

    1. +AskWoodMan

      I’m planning to make a Queen bed based on your design. It’s not easy though
      to get decent 1″ planks where I live, but all big-box stores around stock
      dimensional planks 3/4″ thick. Would the thinner planks work for a narrower
      bed (60″ wide instead of 80″)?

    2. +Serban Popescu 3/4″ stock is not a problem for this design since it is so
      stout. When I was first getting started many years ago I made many bed
      frames with 3/4 pine.

    3. +AskWoodMan Allan, thank you for the speedy reply. Using 3/4 stock opens up
      my choices with regards to what to use (and how much it costs). The legs
      will likely need a 5-ply sandwich to be able to drop in the bolts…

  14. xxdjcharlierockxx

    looks rock solid the drawer is a nice touch too

  15. Beautiful work!

  16. Thanks for this great series. I binge watched it in a single day and plan
    to build my own adaptation of this.

    It will be an adaptation as I am only an occasional handyman and don’t have
    advanced power tools or even a decent bench (my normal bench is a board on
    top of my folding ladder in platform mode, but I will probably buy
    something akin to a Balck and Decker Workmate before tackling this job. I
    had my entire life collection of tools (and those inherited from my father)
    stolen last year and have thus far only replaced the essentials. I have a
    basic selection of hand tools and just a power drill, jigsaw and cordless

    I will likely forego the knock-down ability in your plan; more or less
    permanently assembling the bed in place and worrying about moving it if
    that ever comes up, which seems unlikely right now. I will try to have a
    timber supplier plane and cut boards to sizes as far as possible so I only
    need to do some small cutting and chisel work for joins.

    I have some questions.

    1. You mention that the boards are all 4/4. Living in a metric country I’m
    not familiar with common Imperial terminology but assume this means 4″ ×
    ¼”. Is that correct? ¼” is only 6.35mm which seems a little narrow to me)

    2. I would like to use SA pine (http://www.capepine.co.za/product/), which
    is a slightly soft wood. One of the standard sizes available is 25mm ×
    102mm (roughly 1″ × 4″). Would that be a reasonable size to use or should I
    try for narrower boards closer to 6.35mm?

    3. I don’t want to buy many expensive power tools that will see little use
    beyond this job but I could rent tools like a router, though having neither
    experience of using them, nor a big stable bench I worry about the safety
    aspect. Are there smaller router like tools that would cope with the
    rounding of board edges? I will ask the timber supplier if they are able to
    do this rounding for me so tools to do it myself may not be necessary.

    Sorry about the long, rambling comment and thanks again for this series.

    1. I have found one of the answers myself. 4/4 means boards of 1″ thickness (4
      × ¼”). So the 25mm standard thickness SA Pine comes in should be perfect,
      Just the board width that’s the question. Probably re-watching the videos
      on drawing the plan will tell me that. Looking at the videos it seems that
      if the boards are 1″ thick then they are probably 6″ or 8″ wide.

  17. When you make the plans available will it include the dimensions for
    different size mattresses?

  18. adam “Addodon” g

    dang! look at the joints on that bedside table!

  19. Amazing what people can make!

  20. how can I have you make me one of those beds, queen size along with night
    tables and cherry stain finish

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