Woodworking Ideas. Angle Cut Tool for Table Saw Sled (detailed video)

12:22. Can you Do That Jig using Your Routine Tools?

In this playlist www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvFNyswv-g9pQ52i1T4vcqP7L1yBkiSU, complete process exactly how I developed 3 in 1 workbench from basic table and also some handguided tools. Goes through the building and construction process. A workbench is a terrific enhancement to any workshop or garage.


Woodworking Ideas. Angle Cut Tool for Table Saw Sled (detailed video)

12:22. Can you Do That Jig using Your Regular Tools?

In this playlist www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvFNyswv-g9pQ52i1T4vcqP7L1yBkiSU , full process how I built 3 in 1 workbench from simple table and some handguided tools. Walks through the construction process. A workbench is a great addition to any workshop or garage.


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  1. Great jig.

  2. Felix From Nebraska

    Very interesting build. Thanks for sharing.
    Felix from Nebraska

    1. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Your video would be much more interesting though if you explained what you do. Also a tip about ordering: Slow the use of what you build at the beginning to capture your viewers interest. Cheers, Sven

    1. You just get to the ”detailed video”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__yyBfZKj-M. Thanks a lot.

  4. great build. Really enjoyed watching

    1. Thanks!

  5. Shantytown Shipwright

    Very creative, but I love my 12″ sliding compound chop saw !!!

  6. That is awesome! I can’t count how many times I’ve needed that so I will lose no time building one. Thanks for the genius idea!

    1. You are welcome!

  7. I have a DIY table saw similar to yours. I love this idea. I have the need to bevel the edge 18 degrees of a 2X4 that is 60″ long. I’ve been thinking about how I could make a jig to do that. Making one jig for that angle is easy but to make one that would be adjustable …. now that I haven’t figured out yet. Your jig works great for shorter pieces any ideas on how to adapt that to work with longer wood?

  8. Terry Whitley WoodCrafts

    Nice Jig. Well built and a great idea. Thank you for sharing….Subscribed..

  9. this whole video would have been so much more sense had you only showed me what the finished product look like in the beginning it took too damn long for me to figure out what you were aiming for

  10. takovy videa jsou OK ! Inspirace fakt dobra ! Par veci jsem si diky tomu jiz take vyrobil ! Skoda,ze to neni v Ceskem jazyce,ale,postup,jak neco zhotovit pochopi kazdy.

    1. “Jak neco zhotovit pochopi kazdy.” – To je to, co touží

  11. So what it really is is a “Compound Miter Table Saw Sled Jig”! Awesome job!

  12. music sucks. great work. why not just talk

  13. You’re a genius!

    1. Thanks mate!

  14. Nice jig and video. Just needed to cut a 60 degree on an odd piece so I built a similar jig. Not as nice as yours but it got the job done. Thanks! Thumbs up and following!

  15. Really well done. Great work ! A really practical great jig and fixture. Exactly what I need. I will rebuild ASAP
    Best regards from Germany Hans-Peter

    1. Thank you!

  16. nice job, I don’t know when I’d need to use all those different cuts, but I can see using it for a lot of single angles without having to adjust the saw.

  17. All of this to just cut a 45d ????? why not just turn the blade 45d? Mice but it all can be done with out a jig.

  18. Fantástico , Thanks for sharing

  19. the best sled…wow

  20. So, since I had to figure out the dimensions myself, can I now sell the plans that I developed?

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