Make a quaint and charming writing desk. Free woodworking plans!

This writing desk is a best remedy for a minimalist search in a little space. I made this making use of maple plywood and economical ache boards. More information and complimentary strategies:

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  1. thanks for sharing your work with us! Happy Birthday

  2. Muito bom! Além de inteligente é super engraçado, parabéns!

    1. O humor dele é único kk

  3. hate to see so many pocket holes,

    1. I don’t know why but seeing so many in a small area makes me feel sick

    2. Jack Newbold trypophobia? i got it too

    3. Felipe Pereira no sorry, it’s just that they look ugly😂

  4. You lost me at “line it up visually”.

  5. Robinson Santibañez

    hola pregunta vas a poner subtitulo a todos tus vídeos? saludos de Santiago
    de chile

  6. Izajar Ben Habraham

    can you show us how building wooden reading rest

  7. Ivan did a good job

  8. McDonald's Farmer

    That micro jig thingy looks way too expensive for something a board and
    clamp can achieve.

  9. Finally decided to start making this one. How many sheets of maple plywood
    did you you to make this?

  10. GENIAL¡¡¡, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR LOS SUBTÍTULOS¡¡¡¡ había dejado de mirar los
    vídeos por que no se mucho de ingles y siempre entendía a medias jeee,
    saludos y gracias por la enseñanza.

  11. Hi, if anyone’s looking for more plans visit my profile :)

  12. Because Poe.

  13. This is more of a commercial than an actual tutorial…

  14. nice pic bro

  15. I wish i could create one, but those equipments are extremely expensive

    1. +johnny Smith Check Craigslist. You can get all this for very little. Also
      local maker spaces. Hope that helps!

    2. sure does. cheking one out. thanks!

    3. guys i am learning best woodworking techniques at [ ]all you guys
      should also try it.

  16. Did anyone see that the miter saw is made by porter cable?

  17. found the answer. “LEWIS CARROLL himself proposed an answer in the 1897
    final revision of Alice’s Adventures. “Because it can produce a few notes,
    though they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in
    front!” The early issues of the revision spell “never” as “nevar”, ie
    “raven” with the wrong end in front.”

  18. Fakhri Khanbhaiwala

    if you had to use the minimum of tools, which tools you would shortlist?
    thinking as of for DIY, with less access to professional tools

  19. +Steve Ramsey

    Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    They both have Quills in them.

  20. Thanks Steve, after seeing you fanny around with that microjig tapering
    jig, I will never buy one to replace a piece of scrap plywood. I do like
    your videos.

    1. +John Cole ok

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