Creative Project Ideas Using Wood Slices and Logs



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  1. hate to see the 70’s come back : P

  2. Mauricio rosales zuñiga

    unos trabajos excelentes un buen video saludos

  3. Sehr-sehr schön. Gratuliere.

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  4. Really cool and classy.

  5. Very very creative

  6. ابداع ابداع روعة واو…

  7. wow beautiful wow

  8. I made it through the whole video and the choo choo train was my favorite

    1. Leona Sackaney (See Leona Sing)

      Now is that choo?! Mine was the tiny little shelves — the two with the
      empty cork screw bottles on top of them . . . too cute! I gotta run though
      I’d love nothing more than to choo the fat with you!!! o_O
      From Leona in TO, Canada

    2. Hereee are just a few of thee key seеcrеts inside my INCREDIBLE traading
      softwarе.==>< <====<< Goooood stratеgy>>> Creative Project Ideas Using Wood Slices and Logs

    3. Yeah great …first Canadian I’ve heard online.

  9. loved the video,thanks for sharing ,cheers Colin.

  10. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  11. all things r sooo beautiful

  12. The other white meat

    Wonderful ideas, thanks!

    1. Maxine W. Mayberry

      > woodworking plan & guides:
      Woodworking Plans Hi-Quality Projects and Blueprints horse.

  13. Leona Sackaney (See Leona Sing)

    Gee whiz . . . so many choices! Everything is amazing but I like the
    project idea at 2:36 for a first time DiY. Thanks for the fantastic ideas
    AND I like the info resource you put at the end of your video.
    Cheers from Leona in TO, Canada

  14. Михаил Фильченков

    Каков красавец на 0:14 !!!А нельзя ли получить более подробное фото? Всего

  15. 100% Awesome video.

  16. I wish I had time to do this stuff.

  17. This is my take o your idea.
    What do you think?

    And its Christmas related…

  18. wire tree/ paper mache Iris Atias

    I enjoyed it very much.
    what great ideas.
    Thanks allot 🌺

  19. The sound track makes the video!!

  20. Thanks, my fave is the log candle holder with horseshoes., no its the owls,
    no its the planter, no its the…ah heck I love all of them….Thanks for
    sharing. Merry Christmas.! Heck, you even hung my name on your wall. Will
    you Please tell ME how you did that one log burning at about 7:48, I just
    gotta have that one. Pretty Please and all that…

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