Botched Spiral Staircase, Bad Carpenters, Rant

Sometimes you simply reached let off some steam! Especially when hack carpenters are providing you a poor name!

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  1. One sure sign of a truly insecure person is when all he knows how to do is
    tear down somebody else.
    And after pointing out every one of his so called “flaws“, you never showed
    YOUR work to correct them.

    1. Wow! Again your preoccupied homophobic bully banter … Your obviously over
      compensating fir that funny bone your hide inside yourself…

    2. Looking for a candle in the dark

      +vegascolors Swish.

    3. Jaxon THE CREATURE buell he’s a fucking a prick I’d break his face if he
      spoke about me like that

  2. I have learned over the years to not undermine the work of others. Many of
    those things may have been beyond his control. Perhaps they wanted the
    support there, perhaps there was change orders or last minute idea changes,
    from the client. Many times I have done something I normally would not have
    done, because it’s how the homeowner preferred it to be done. Oftentimes if
    you make fun of the work done before you find out you are making fun of the
    work, directly to the person who did it AND they are the one that will
    write you a check in a short amount of time. It’s always easy to point and
    say “I am better,” but I believe true professionalism is conveyed more
    effectively by quiet action.

    1. I think you’re right

    2. He didn’t shame the guy by saying his name or his company. He was upset at
      the work, as was the customer. I didn’t get the vibe of “I’m better” but
      rather “I’m upset that this happened at all.” You can’t assume extenuating
      circumstances with things like plugs facing in a poor direction, or sunken
      bolts sitting proud, or gaps along the wall, etc.

    3. Anonymous User you seriously did not get the vibe of him exuding
      superiority? Did we watch the same video? Even IF a winner (as he did not
      show any improvements ) he was the definition of a POOR one. I have not
      watched any of his other videos, as this one left a distinctly unpleasant
      taste in my mouth; so perhaps he is very kind and considerate. I do not
      know or profess to, my entire exposure to this carpenter includes only this

    4. >>>”Spiral staircases are like boss level difficulty. Throw away your
      square, your level and your pencil.”

      Surely not the level and the pencil. 😉

      Though, I agree that spiral staircases shouldn’t be tackled by anyone but
      the most highly skilled carpenters.

    5. You should watch his video about building his workbench.


  3. Wheelsmcdeals ace

    Anyone that thinks this guy is to tough on the original installer never
    PAID 10-20 grand for a staircase. as a painter i have nailed a few
    installers so bad they got fired. drunks that think they are good. old age;
    what ever! if i cant make it look good then they need to go back to

    1. This is why I stuck to framing. I’ll frame you a house, shop, garage, barn,
      or even a work bench before I attempt any of this type of work. People just
      assume because I can work with wood, I should make them a wine rack. LOL
      HELL NO! Since there’s really no money in framing, I’ve moved onto
      computers. And I completely agree with this, and even see this type of
      behavior even in the computer field. Hack jobs lower the standard of
      industry for everyone.

    2. A painter FFS that’s not a trade any arsehole can slap on paint

    3. Professional painting isn’t just slapping paint on things. It’s knowing
      what paint to place where, how to get it to stick, and to last. It’s the
      knowledge of how to pick colors and how those colors will age. I’ve known a
      few professional painters, and it’s surprisingly involved work.

      Further, painters often do the finishing work on large wooden projects,
      such as sealer, varnish, lacquer and etc.

    4. agreed i was union 7 years. although 28 years into the trades i now have 3
      apprenticeships and journeyman levels in tile and carpentry. but to the
      point ive had many ask what the hell do u need 3 yrs of school fot painting
      and dec. they dont realize the depth of the trade and all aspects it
      involves. woodgraining marblizing epoxys lacquers spray equipment ect……

  4. I’ve been setting tile for 19 years now. The thing I hate most is doing
    other peoples rework!

    1. Agreed. I’ve been at it since the ’70s- near retirement age now. FACT is –
      nobody forces you to take jobs fixing someone else’s work. You can simply
      decline. But if you choose to do it – then do the best you can and shut up.
      I will not do it especially if I look know the first workman. You are just
      asking for trouble. And there will come a day when that guy is following
      you on a job.

    2. Sometimes I take the rework just to have work. I fully agree with you
      regarding not touching rework knowing who the initial worker was.
      Ultimately, I feel bad whenever I see butcher work. People deserve great
      things. I always go to great lengths to come as close to perfection as
      humanly possible, knowing there will always be some mild imperfection
      somewhere due to the human element.

  5. Can’t stand to listen to this guy’s superior judgmental tone.

    1. well, you don’t HAVE to…

    2. he should calm down and be more humble

    3. That’s yanks for you.

    4. Mark Fisher Canadian actually, and a very good carpenter who takes great
      pride in everything that he does and doesn’t feel the need to be
      politically correct and therefore accept second best

  6. So many thumbs down and negative comments on this video… He didn’t name
    the guy, he didn’t out him so he’d lose business, he just said some hack
    did a crap job. And you did see the stuff he was talking about, right? It
    was HORRIBLE!

    I do agree he should have taken pictures of his “fixes” and put them into
    the video as well. Hopefully The Samurai Carpenter reads the comments and
    he learned a good lesson. Don’t post the video until after you’re done so
    you can include those pictures. People on YouTube and the internet in
    general are tough customers…

    1. My guess, might be wrong, is that maybe the guy who got fired was used to
      doing much simpler work. This is a pretty complex project. But, exposed
      bolts, lots of joints with big gaps, eek, pretty ugly.

    2. People don’t like it because its unprofessional, and this guy lacks grace
      and humility. Nobody knows the whole story here and he is capitalizing on
      someone else’s mistakes, that should be enough. Making a video about it…

    3. Sean Wimpfheimer you are nuts! Unprofessional is doing a shatty job like
      that and taking the customers money. That’s lazy crap work. You obviously
      know nothing about this and how hard people work for money and a job they
      deserve in return. I could understand if they had hired someone that was
      known for building chicken coops and asked for a custom staircase but the
      guy apparently specializes in staircases. Lazy 🐷

    4. you know what else is unprofessional? making that many mistakes. someone
      paid 30k to have that staircase installed, anyone being paid that much who
      screws up that many times is just a cowboy builder.

  7. Hopelessand Forlorn

    How many of the commentators rushing to defend the unseen “carpenter” would
    like to live in a house blighted by such trashy work? Are the feelings of
    the poor, unskilled slob more important than the feelings of the homeowners
    who put up the money? Would it be acceptable if I had done such work in 45
    years as an aircraft mechanic? If you accept pay but can’t do a
    professional job, you are a thief.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head my friend.

  8. I agree; that is horrible work. All you critics being hard on this guy are
    wrong. That is horrible, shitty work.

    1. i dont want to defend the former contrator… but something is a miss

      the guy was a specialist for 35 years and only did stairs. he is what we
      belive to be in a population of 200,000 .

      if the guy doing the work only had 12 hour to start and complete this
      job… how would you rate the quality of his work in the light of knowledge

      what if the home owner suddenly had a money hardship and could not pay
      anywhere near the price and the contractor was 1/2 way in to the job and
      was on the hook for materials cost… would that effect the quality of the

      there is another side to this story we are jot hearing… notice mr blow
      hard wont mention the contractors name… if the contractor was as bad as
      claimed… there wont be any issue being sued as the guy is so bad at what
      he does he would never challange him

      so whats missing from this equation … why did the home owner hire after
      all the research this 35 year long specialist in a small city of less then
      200,000 …how is it that the free market has not bankrupted this guy into
      another job other then a very specialized of stair case building and
      design… for a town of 200,000 there cant be more then 3of these guys that
      deal in this level of stairs

      there is more to this story we are not being given acess to

      with the level of experiance this (bad ) contractor has he deserves the
      benifit of doulbt until new info is presnted to complete the narritive…
      but dont hold your breath… we will never hear ” the rest of the story”
      …. paul harvey

    2. +Prop Paper right on. We have one lopsided side of the story. I’m Betting
      this customer was a customer from hell and demanded something outside of
      the first guy’s normal way of doing things. I’d love to get his side of the

    3. In my experience, sometimes people doing the same thing for a long time get
      lazy and complacent – or perhaps fall under the corrosive influence of
      something like drinking too much.

      It seems unlikely that the customer in this case was at fault. If they
      didn’t have the money to pay the original carpenter off, how did they hire
      “The Samurai”?

      As for the customer being difficult or unreasonable – why did “The Samurai”
      mention anything about that?

      And did you watch the video? The faults displayed weren’t nit-picky… they
      were gross. If I knew nothing about the original carpenter, I would have
      guessed this was done by a newbie and this was his first staircase. This
      was riddled with amateur mistakes and shoddy work.

      Why did the homeowner hire the original carpenter if he was so bad? Some
      people don’t do their research. They see someone who’s been in business for
      35 years and believe, on that basis alone, that he’s worth hiring.

  9. in Australia we refer to the samurai as a wanker

    1. I think ‘wanker’ is a friendly term they use down there that means hello or
      have a nice day. When I was visiting down there people smiled, waved and
      shouted “Wanker!” in traffic all the time, near constantly really.

    2. Oh definately!……….’ Having a wank ‘ is like meditation, when one
      thinks pleasant thoughts, to attain a spiritual and physical high, also
      helps with muscle development in the arms.

    3. this “wanker” is speaking for himself not a nation..

    4. lol keyboard warrior Reeko

  10. 1,800 Shitty Carpenters disliked this

    1. big dicktracy some one get her feelings hurt?

    2. +big dicktracy remind me not to hire you!!!

    3. +Chris P you are right he does not show his work in this video. I would
      definitely assume by your “smoke and mirrors” comment that you have never
      seen any of his other videos or any of his actual work. If the samurai
      built this staircase, it would be very hard for you to pick it a part. The
      carpenter that built this staircase in the first place is not a “shitty
      carpenter” even building a sub par spiral staircase is very complex! but
      his skills are pale in comparison to the samurai carpenters. He had no
      place doing a spiral staircase, and deserved to be ripped up a little for
      doing that to his customers.

  11. What pisses me off the most is that nothing of what he just showed had
    anything to do with that it’s complicated carpentry. It’s not harder to do
    it right. It doesn’t take a lot more time.

    1. Yes Sir! hardly complicated

  12. Always Pursue Excellence!!!

  13. Plot twist- it was ALL his own work…

  14. Hello brother!!!!!,,,,,, I’m A Drywall Finisher, Plaster…… I know the
    SAME Feeling of fixing some BUTCHERS, as WE Northerners call them!!!!!!!
    Keep up the GOOD Fight FIXING things buddy!!!! Great Video..!!!!!!

  15. that ain’t that bad I’ve done worst haha

  16. Ok ok we get the point, you think your gods gift to wood even better the
    Jesus Christ

    1. Rock Shoulder hahaha spot on mate

  17. Dude, that is beautiful to hear. Always pursue excellence!!

  18. Show us one you built and lets compare?

  19. You certainly come off as an arrogant fellow. No need to badmouth a guy who
    may be performing at the peak of his capability.

  20. So… Why didn’t we get to see any of his work!?

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