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He Left His Old Life Behind To Create Something Utterly Beautiful

After spending years as a goldsmith and immersing himself in the knockout of metalwork, master Benjamin Werner left his position behind to start something new. Endlessly fascinated by the comparison between wood and precious metal, he generated a line of startling jewelry called “Silva Aurea.” In the artist’s words, the identify represents “handmade jewelry, great […]

Artist Turns Old Wood Into Unique Jewelry By Using Its Natural Shape

Jeweler Britta Boeckmann doesn’t have a plan when she designs her wood-fragment and resin supplementaries. Instead, she uses the natural sort of the timber fragments to define the chassis, fusing them with coloured and sometimes glow-in-the-dark resin to obligate her jewelry. Boeckmann then smooths each segment with sandpaper and applies varnish to give it lustre. […]