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He Left His Old Life Behind To Create Something Utterly Beautiful

After spending years as a goldsmith and immersing himself in the knockout of metalwork, master Benjamin Werner left his position behind to start something new. Endlessly fascinated by the comparison between wood and precious metal, he generated a line of startling jewelry called “Silva Aurea.” In the artist’s words, the identify represents “handmade jewelry, great […]

Darryl Cox Melds Fallen Branches and Old Frames Into Something New

In an ongoing sequence of sculptures, artist Darryl Cox melds descended chapters and old representation frames into what he calls, Fusion Frames. These unique, one-of-a-kind slice concern several punishments like woodworking, covering and sculpting. Cox firstly attempts out unique frames and then scours the groves of central Oregon, looking for the perfect fork to blend […]

The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair woodworking video is a funny, time lapse showing the building and construction of a shaking chair from the stump of a deteriorated out cherry tree. I utilize no power tools as well as largely make use of traditional antique devices. I likewise highlight my very hero Thor powers! I hope you appreciate. […]