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10+ Powerful Photos Of Women Doing “Men’s Work” That Prove There’s No Such Thing As Men’s Work

How many times have you heard the old expres, “this is a man’s job”? We’re pretty tired of it, and fortunately, so is California photographer Chris Crisman. With his latest portfolio, Women’s Work , he’s documenting the women who do those ‘men’s jobs’ with dignity, and he’s breaking down gender stereotypes in the process. The […]

Artist Turns Old Wood Into Unique Jewelry By Using Its Natural Shape

Jeweler Britta Boeckmann doesn’t have a plan when she designs her wood-fragment and resin supplementaries. Instead, she uses the natural sort of the timber fragments to define the chassis, fusing them with coloured and sometimes glow-in-the-dark resin to obligate her jewelry. Boeckmann then smooths each segment with sandpaper and applies varnish to give it lustre. […]