The Founder’s Nick Offerman:’ Being American has meant that I have to stand up and march’

The Parks and Recreation stars brand-new movie charts the rise of McDonalds head honcho Ray Kroc. He talks about defying the rise of another capitalist narcissist Hi, Nick. Were you disappointed that The Founder didnt get any Oscar nominations ? Well, I generally ignore that part of the business, because it is infuriating. Its simply […]

From sharks to chimps to moon suffers: narratives of a supervet

Romain Pizzi, the veterinarian who pioneered keyhole surgery for animals, has operated on sharks, chimps even a moon bear In 2012, the preservation benevolence Free the Bears approached Romain Pizzi, one of the most innovative wildlife surgeons in Europe, with an extraordinary case. A specialist in laparoscopic( keyhole) surgery- until very recently rare in veterinary […]